About TMCG

About TMCG

Taxpayers for Michigan Constitutional Government is a non-profit, tax exempt Michigan organization founded by Wayne State Law Professor John Mogk and Public Administration Consultant and Adjunct Professor Steve Duchane to unite taxpayers, municipal leaders, educators and lawyers to bring action against the State of Michigan for violating the minimum annual revenue sharing payments to local governments required by the state constitution.

Board of Directors and Officers

President and Attorney John Mogk

Attorney Robert Sedler

John Mogk is a professor at Wayne State University School of Law and serves as TMCG president and legal counsel. His full bio can be found here.

Treasurer Steve Duchane

Robert Sedler is a Constitutional Law and Conflicts of Law professor at Wayne State University School of Law.

Secretary Randy Blum

Attorney John Philo

Steve Duchane is government executive consultant and an associate professor. His full bio can be found here.

Randy Blum is the finance director for the City of Eastpointe.

Attorney Tracy Peters

John Philo is the executive and legal director of the Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.

Communications and Outreach Director Sara Kandel

Tracy Peters is an attorney and advocate who specializes in state and federal education law.

Sara Kandel is a Writer and Communications Consultant with a background in news media and local government communications. She can be reached here.

Our Members

TMCG has individual and municipal members. A list of our individual members is available here. A list of of our municipal members is available here.

Join us

Joining the cause is easy. Just email TMCG Treasurer Steve Duchane with your name and association, if applicable, and send a donation to TMCG, 23200 Gratiot Avenue, Eastpointe, MI, 48021 or visit the Donate page. Donations of any amount are accepted. TMCG requests a minimum donation of $1,500 for a community/municipal membership.

Want to help us enforce the Michigan Constitution?

Visit the Donate page to support TMCG and help Local Governments enforce the Michigan Constitution.

Want to donate, but wish to remain anonymous?

That's okay with us. Just place a note with your donation letting us know and you will not be added to the donation list. Anonymous donors who wish to receive update emails can email Community Outreach and Communications Director Sara Kandel here.

Support Taxpayers for Michigan Constitutional Government and donate today.