TMCG Headlee Lawsuit

The municipal finance system in Michigan is broken.

TMCG's mission is to begin repairing our broken system by ensuring the State is in compliance with Michigan laws designed to protect local governments.

The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a decision in the Taxpayers for Michigan Constitutional Government's lawsuit against the State of Michigan. The lawsuit was filed on Sept. 7, 2016 for violating the state Constitution by purposefully and continually miscalculating the minimum percentage payment to local governments as required by the Headlee Amendment, which has resulted in a shortfall of payments to municipalities that is well in excess of $1 Billion. The State’s actions have created a substantial burden on local units of government, who have had to make significant cuts to services and programs in order to stay solvent. As cities are forced to do more with less, programs are canceled and essential services (refuse pick-up, water treatment, infrastructure maintenance) suffer. This effects each and every Michigan resident. To read more about TMCG's lawsuit against the State click here.

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TMCG is a non-partisan, non-profit, tax exempt organization founded by taxpayers, municipal leaders, educators and lawyers dedicated to ensuring the State of Michigan follows the word of law as written in the state Constitution and fulfills the revenue sharing requirements guaranteed by the Headlee Amendment. For more information contact us.


President John Mogk | Treasurer Steve Duchane | Secretary Randy Blum

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